Recent Advances in PEDIATRICS 19 – Hot Topics ”Sexual Violence against Adolescents”

Children constitute one third of our population. Education shapes lives of children. Some children do not attend school because of poor health and related conditions. Many countries have school health programs. Effective school health programs will contribute to the development of child-friendly schools and thus to the promotion of education for all. Many rural community schools lack basic physical needs like nutritional, safe drinking water, sanitary facilities, playground and transportation. Schools should contribute to the socioemotional development of children by becoming child-friendly. Child-friendly schools work to prevent bullying and other forms of violence in schools. To make the future a better place for children, UNICEF has emphasized many initiatives, which aim to protect children’s rights, improve their conditions and provide good education. The concept of Child Friendly School Initiative (CFSI) has begun operating in various countries. Factors like poor health and malnutrition contribute to low school enrollment, absenteeism, poor classroom performance, and early school dropout in India. There is discussion on the ten criteria proposed by IAP for CFSI.Preliminary Pages

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